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While studying for my jewellery degree I had trouble explaining - in a suitably eloquent way - why a Rothko, for example, moved me. That his work 'made me high' was allegedly of no consequence, I was supposed to explain form, composition etc but not my feelings.

My pieces are inspired by all manner of things. Things that make my stomach churn! A dripping candle at Shoreditch House ( which I chipped off and took home!), rose thorns and twigs, Alexander Calder, haute couture fashion shoots, Chelsea boys, Peckham girls, drag queens, grannies, a Devon hill, a bass line.

Some of the names of my pieces are taken from tracks that I have been listening to while designing them. Katranada and Blue Lab beats feature heavily in my new work.

When inspiration envelops, I'm ready to work all night! A strong cup of PG Tips and a good mixtape booming are the only things I need! 

If my jewellery makes you excited and go 'phwooarr' I'll be very happy!

The solid sterling silver is hallmarked at the historic London Assay Office and pieces are also available in brass or gold plate. If you have another metal you fancy using such as gold or bronze, please ask for a quote. 

Commissions are welcome if they are in the style of my work (no diamond encrusted tiaras please!) 

Maura Kwaten x



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